Temperomandibular pain( T.M.D) treatment

11th December 2010

We all like a good chat and chew  and it is incredible how much stress we place on our jaws throughout the day. Every aspect of our lives involves movement in the mouth, from work to leisure and that is a lot of pressure to place on two tiny jaw joints and their muscles, teeth, nerves and ligaments. There are numerous reasons behind TMJ disorders; grinding of teeth, posture, stress, diet and sleeping problems. These directly affect the occlusion of the mouth or the bite. This is very important to keep in check as we grow up and our teeth change. Various orthodontic techniques can protect our occlusion and keep it healthy- braces, crowns, replacing missing teeth, treating sleep and teeth grinding disorders with gum-shields, and maintaining good oral hygiene. If TMJ disorders are allowed to develop, they can lead to serious health complications around the upper body. Every day functions that we take for granted, such as biting, talking and chewing can become painful. The jaw can wear and start clicking and the areas around the jaw joints can also become affected. TMJ has been directly linked to migraines, ear and eye aches, neck and even upper back problems.

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