Six Month Braces at The Smile Zone

11th December 2010

With the improvements in modern dental technology it is now possible to straighten teeth in as little as six months using new straighteners and braces. In the past, old style fixed metal braces could take up to three years to work effectively. This is along time, especially if you are a teenager in a difficult emotional part of your life.One brace that is now offering this new faster type of straightening is the Six Month Smile. Originally pioneered in the US, the Six Month Smile brace is finally making its way across the UK, revolutionising the way teeth are straightened. Six Month Smile braces are very safe and reliable and not only shorten the timescale of braces but also significantly reduce the impact they have on the teeth by using less force and modern materials.
Many people who need to have their teeth straightened are often reluctant to do so because of the effect of braces. They can be very uncomfortable and in some cases even painful, especially after tightening appointments. And let’s face it, they don’t exactly look great either. Six Month braces seem to address all these questions and provide the answers. Not only are they far mores discreet using smaller less noticeable wires, but they also use wires and brackets that are tooth coloured so that they are less visible on the mouth.Six Month smile braces are able to achieve such stunningly fast results because they focus mainly on the teeth that show when you smile. This means that the treatment is more concentrated on the teeth at the front. This may mean that the Six Month Smile brace is not suitable for all patients but a visit to The Smile Zone, Dr Daniel will be able to determine this very quickly.

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